Rajat Mittal and Jung-Hee Seo Explain the Aerodynamics and Acoustics of the Mosquito Mating Ritual Through Computer Modeling

Using funding from his Human Frontier Science Program Research Grant, IDIES member Dr. Rajat Mittal, along with Dr. Jung-Hee Seo, have developed a computational model of the sound generated from the flapping of mosquito wings. In a research paper, published in Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, they explain, “The analysis shows that the high wing aspect-ratio, high wing beat frequency, and small stroke amplitude adopted by mosquitoes enable efficient generation of high-intensity wing-tones for acoustic communications.”. In addition to these findings being useful in the design development of low-noise micro-aerial vehicle and drones, they hope to leverage the knowledge of wing tones to help researchers devise environmentally friendly strategies to disturb the flight and mating of mosquitoes.

To learn more, please see the full article in the Hub.

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