Charles Meneveau reports wind energy industry’s future requires an interdisciplinary approach

IDIES Associate Director, Charles Meneveau, was a member of an international 29-person team that recently published a paper in Science outlining three scientific “grand” challenges to be addressed to harness wind power’s full potential:

  1. A need for improved understanding of atmospheric and wind power plant flow physics
  2. The complicated aerodynamics, structural dynamics, and offshore wind hydrodynamics of enlarged wind turbines
  3. An underdeveloped process for optimizing fleets of wind power plants and integrating them into existing and future electricity infrastructures.

The research team explains that meeting these grand challenges “will enable the wind power plant of the future to supply many of the anticipated electricity system needs at a low cost”. In addition, the interdependence of the grand challenges will contribute towards the expansion of integrated and cross-disciplinary research efforts as they seek to further integrate models and data across scales and disciplines.

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Picture of Charles Meneveau