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Scientific Software Engineering Center

The Scientific Software Engineering Center (SSEC) is hosted by the Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science (IDIES) at JHU within the Data Science and AI Institute (DSAI), a new pan-institutional initiative at Johns Hopkins to advance artificial intelligence and its applications, in part through investments in the software engineering, data science, and machine learning space.

The Scientific Software Engineering Center (SSEC) was initiated as part of the broader Virtual Institute in Scientific Software (VISS) effort by Schmidt Futures in early 2022 with the goal of bringing industry caliber software solutions to data-intensive science research conducted at universities, governmental institutions, and NGOs.

SSEC research software engineers (RSEs) will be at the forefront of developing innovative, scalable, software solutions and attenuating the current constraints of technology in research computing. SSEC will revolutionize the way scientists, software engineers, and researchers interface with big data, as well as expand current computing capabilities—and visions for the future—far beyond what was previously thought possible.

For more information on SSEC projects, team members, and events, please visit the Official SSEC website.