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A fully integrated cyberinfrastructure system encompassing related tools and services to enable researchers to cope with scientific big data. SciServer enables a new approach that will allow researchers to work with TBs or PBs of scientific data, without needing to download any large datasets.

Provides a data-intensive analysis capability to overcome issues related to big data on traditional HPC by doing the following: storing the data local to the compute, one-to-one mapping of users to nodes, eliminating bottlenecks, and leveraging GPUs for computation.

The data center is designed to provide an efficient, flexible and stable environment for operating, constructing, and coupling heterogeneous collection of hardware with special capabilities. It is home to its own data-intensive project, with sensors monitoring the temperature, power consumption, air flow, and other operating conditions.

The mission of the Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center (MARCC) is to enable research, creative undertakings, and learning that involve and rely on the use and development of advanced computing. MARCC manages high performance computing, highly reliable data storage, and provides outstanding collaborative scientific support to empower computational research, scholarship, and innovation.

IDIES is pleased to offer its members funding initiatives to support their interdisciplinary data science projects, such as Seed Funding  and Student Fellowships. Select this section to learn more about these programs.