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IDIES Selects 2022 Seed and Fellowship Awardees

Each year IDIES—The Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science—offers its members and students funding opportunities through their Seed Funding Initiative and Summer Student Fellowships.


The goal of the Seed Funding initiative is to provide pilot funding for data-intensive computing projects that (a) will involve areas relevant to IDIES and JHU institutional research priorities; (b) are multidisciplinary; and (c) build ideas and teams with good prospects for successful proposals to attract external research support by leveraging IDIES intellectual and physical infrastructure.


IDIES is excited to support the following researchers and their work in 2022:

Development of an Artificial intelligence System for Phenotyping of Patients with Acute Stroke
PI: Rama Chellappa, PhD (Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering)
Co-I: Robert D. Stevens, MD


Coupling Active Learning Molecular Dynamics and Phase Field Simulations in an Investigation of GaN Thin Film Growth through a New Gas-phase Reactive Additive Manufacturing Process (GRAM)
PI: Paulette Clancy, PhD (Department Head, Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Co-Is: Nam Q. Le and Jarod Gagnon


A Technology Platform to Monitor Cognitive Fluctuations and Lucid Intervals in Dementia at Home
PI: Kishore Kuchibhotla, PhD (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences | Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience)
Co-Is: Marilyn Albert, Milap Nowrangi, and Hannah P. Cowley


Development of a Searchable Database for Human Temporal Bone Otopathology Education and Research
PI: Amanda Lauer, PhD (Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Department of Neuroscience)
Co-Is: Bryan K. Ward, John Patrick Carey, and John Ratnanather


Exploring Computer Vision Models and Developing Infrastructure for OCR and Image Clustering
PI: Thomas Lippincott, PhD


Data Dashboards for Individual Risk of Covid-19 — Integrating Local and Population Levels of Data
PI: Tom Woolf, PhD


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The IDIES Summer Student Fellowship supports summer research projects lead by undergraduate students with the guidance of an IDIES faculty member mentor. These projects are meant to provide an opportunity for students to participate in a 10-week (June – August) full-time data science focused research project in collaboration with an IDIES faculty member.


The 2022 Summer Student Fellowship recipients are:

Ryan Chou | Pre-medical Biomedical Engineering major
Faculty Mentor: Gregory D Hager
Optimizing Routes in the Operating Room


Keyi Ding | Computer Science and Physics major
Faculty Mentor: Kevin C. Schlaufman
Laying the Foundation for Large-scale Precision Stellar Parameter Inference in the Field of Exoplanets


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IDIES is a major interdisciplinary program, a large, diverse effort, where faculty and students work together to solve data-intensive problems, from genes to galaxies to materials science and urban planning. The IDIES funding programs seek to encourage new ideas and grow these efforts across the University, while giving JHU researchers and students the opportunity to expand their data science analysis and projects to the next level.