2020 Symposium

Thank you for joining us!

This event aims to bring together experts in the theoretical foundations and development and application of data intensive technologies and analysis to share discoveries, practical ideas, and insights. IDIES and MINDS seek to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and invite researchers from across JHU, the government, industry, and local organizations that have an interest in data science and how to apply it in their own projects or future projects to attend the symposium. To learn more about IDIES and MINDS, and the resources they offer, please be sure to visit their websites.


The symposium will include:

  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Lauren Gardner, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, and Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) Co-Director
  • Invited speakers highlighting exciting data science break throughs and applications
  • IDIES Seed Fund Awardee Updates & MINDS awards ceremony
  • Break out sessions
  • Student Poster Session


Agenda from the 2020 Symposium

Start (EDT)Duration SessionSpeakerPresentation
Morning Session A
09:00 am15Opening RemarksAlex Szalay & Rene Vidal
09:15 am15MINDS Award Ceremony Rene Vidal
09:30 am40KeynoteLauren Gardner (JHU)Tracking COVID-19 in Real-time: Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned
10:10 am15IDIES Seed AwardeeMarc Stein (JHU)Development of Tools to Automate and Harmonize Spatial Open Source Urban Data

10:25 am
(30 mins)
SciServer Gerard Lemson (JHU)SciServer 2020
Morning Session B
10:55 am40MINDS PlenaryFrancis Bach (INRIA)The convergence of gradient descent for wide two-layer neural networks
11:35 am20IDIES Plenary Brice Menard (JHU)The Sequencer – how to reveal the main trend in your dataset?
11:55 am15IDIES Seed AwardeeNik Paliwal (JHU)An artificial intelligence approach towards predicting recurrence of atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing pulmonary vein isolation
12:10 pm20Poster Madness (time dependent on #)Jordan Raddick (JHU)
12:30 pm
(60 mins)
Poster Presentation Discussion Rooms
Lunch Conversation & Networking Rooms
1:00 pm30Francis Bach Q&A DiscussionFrancis Bach (INRIA)
Afternoon Session A
01:30 pm40MINDS PlenarySham Kakade (UW)What are the Statistical Limits of Offline reinforcement Learning?
02:10 pm40IDIES PlenaryGianluca Iaccarino (Stanford)Engineering Simulations in the Age of Data
02:50 pm15IDIES Seed Awardee Ben Haeffele (JHU) & Matthew Ippolito (JHU) Machine Learning and Computer Vision for Malaria:
Disentangling the in vivo Effects of Antimalarial Drugs using an Automated Malaria Microscopy Algorithm
03:05 pm
(30 mins)
MARCCJaime Combariza (JHU)MARCC 2020 Update
Sham Kakade Q&A DiscussionSham Kakade (UW)
Afternoon Session B
03:35 pm40MINDS PlenaryDeanna Needell (UCLA)Online nonnegative matrix factorization for Markovian and other real data
04:15 pm15IDIES Seed AwardeeThomas Haine (JHU)Towards the Development of Scale- Dependent, Non-Local, Turbulent Closures in Rotating Stratified Flows
04:30 pm15MINDS Thesis AwardRene Vidal (JHU)
04:45 pm15Closing Remarks Alex Szalay (JHU) & Rene Vidal (JHU)
05:00 pm30Deanna Needell Q&A DiscussionDeanna Needell (UCLA)

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