IDIES Student Worker Felicia Koerner graduates JHU, MSE in Computer Science

IDIES would like to congratulate our student worker Felicia Koerner on graduating with her MSE in Computer Science. Felica has been a great addition to the IDIES team over the last year working on the forthcoming redesign of the SkyServer astronomy data access website. Felicia noted that, “IDIES has taught her much more about Javascript than I thought I need to know.”

Would you recommend IDIES to other students? “Yes! Even though my time at IDIES was short, I learned a lot and was given a good amount of responsibility. Everyone was always very ready to help me out and the collaborative atmosphere is great.”

Felicia has also been an accomplished member of the JHU Cross Country and Track & Field teams while at JHU for the past 4.5 years, (3.5 for her undergrad). She is a member of the JHU Cross Country All-Decade Team.

We wish her well in her plans as a software developer back home in Europe!

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