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Genevieve Stein-O’Brien to talk at Cold Spring Harbor Event

Talk at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting on Biological Data Science: Genevieve Stein-O’Brien

Genevieve Stein-O’Brien, a post doctoral fellow in Elana Fertig’s and Loyal Goff’s labs, present her work on Bayesian decomposition and transfer learning methods this year at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting on Biological Data Science and at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. The work focused on tools to analyze single cell RNA sequencing from a time course of developing mouse retina. Specifically, these tools were able to discover both signature of cell type identity and continuous biological processes shared across multiple cell types. These gene expression signatures where then able to highly novel biology and cell types in independent data from other labs representing a key break though for large scale single cell efforts such as the Human Cell Atlas.