Coursera offers Genomic Data Science Specialization

The Genomic Data Science Specialization includes courses designed and led by Johns Hopkins Professors

IDIES Member at Large Roger Peng, Associate Director Steven Salzberg, and IDIES Affiliates Jeffrey Leek, Kasper Daniel Hansen, Ben Langmead, and James Taylor have teamed up with Professor Liliana Florea and Professor Mihaela Pertea, also of Johns Hopkins, to train up and coming genomic big data experts via Coursera. Johns Hopkins University has partnered with Coursera to offer free high-quality universally-available online-education taught by Johns Hopkins professors.

The Genomic Data Science Specialization will provide a solid foundation in all aspects of Data Science. This specialization covers the concepts and tools students will need throughout the entire data science pipeline, from asking the right kinds of questions to making inferences and publishing results. Students completing this program will be able to understand, analyze, and interpret data from next-generation sequencing experiments. Participants will learn common tools of genomic data science. The Genomic Data Science Specialization is fee-based and includes a series of courses culminating in a capstone project. Courses can also be taken at no cost, but will not count towards a Specialization Certificate.

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