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Congratulations to Randal Burns on his promotion to Full Professor

burns_randal_cs[1]Congratulations to Professor Randal Burns for his promotion from Associate to Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Whiting School of Engineering. Professor Burns came to Johns Hopkins University in 2001 from IBM and, before that, the University of California, Santa Cruz. He currently directs the Hopkins Storage Systems Lab, and serves on the IDIES Advisory Board.

His research includes the management, performance, and security of large data sets for scientific applications. His recent research addresses query processing for data-intensive science applications, redundancy coding and auditing of outsourced storage services, and adaptive performance management for network data protocols.

Professor Burns’s current focus is on building scalable systems that support neuroscience imaging analysis and annotation with the goal of reverse engineering the neurophysiology of mamalliam brains. This work is more fully described at the Open Connectome Project.

Prof. Burns’s research on scalable databases for scientific applications is a critical building block for the Johns Hopkins Turbulence Databases that aim to develop a deeper understanding of turbulent flow.